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115 Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux, France
Location: 44.85437, -0.56517
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Functioning since the 1930s as a harbour storage building, Hangar 14 has been given a new life by a massive urban renovation project focused on the transformation of the city’s emblematic sites, including the old port of the river Garonne. Parts of the original facade were intentionally preserved and combined with elements of the modern industrial design, resulting in a distinctive, eclectic look.

In 1999 the reconstructed Hangar 14 opened its doors to the public and became a venue for trade shows, exhibitions, galas, etc. It has two levels, providing a total of 5400 sq m of exhibition area. Each level offers natural light and modular space solutions. The panoramic terrace overlooks the river and the lovely Chartrons district, which adds to the venue’s appeal.

The city of Bordeaux is internationally recognised for its rich cultural heritage, with over 350 historic monuments and a UNESCO listing (Port of the Moon). The regular TGV trains Paris - Bordeaux, as well as the international flights to/from Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, make the city a convenient destination for tourists and business travellers alike.

The Bordeaux region produces some of the most prestigious and expensive wines on a global scale. Being a world capital of wine, Bordeaux is home to long-established vineyards, wine-producing castles, cellars and a wine museum - Cité du Vin. The city and its Chartrons neighborhood in particular, which history is intertwined with wine trade, represent the perfect setting for events like the famous Bordeaux Wine Week.

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getting around Getting around

Located in the chic Chartrons district of Bordeaux, Hangar 14 can be directly accessed from the city centre via tram line B. Both Cours du Médoc and Chartrons tram stops are 280 m away.

The Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is a 20-minute drive away from the venue. Alternatively, visitors can reach Hangar 14 by using the shuttle from the airport to the city centre with a change to tram line B.

Visitors travelling by car could benefit from the nearby Q-Park Bord’eau Village car parking.

Halls of Hangar 14

Hangar 14’s 5400 sq m are divided between its two interlinked levels.

The Ground level (3000 sq m) features a reception hall and two visitor entrances.

The First floor (2400 sq m of indoor area, including two meeting rooms) flows into the Panoramic terrace (600 sq m). The terrace could be used as an extension of the first floor or could accommodate small gatherings separately. Eight emergency staircases connect the terrace to the promenade alongside Garonne.

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Quick info

Year Built:1999
Total Area:6,000
Indoor Area:5,400
Outdoor Area:600
Number of Halls:2
Meeting Rooms:2
Official Website:Hangar 14
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