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Finding a suitable hotel at a good price in an area close to the fair centre is one of the primary tasks for exhibitors and visitors at every trade show. Solving this challenge requires a considerable amount of time spent on research and rate comparisons, and often requires compromising with either your budget or the hotel’s location. We at ExpoBeds strive to facilitate the booking process for our clients, allowing you to invest the time and energy saved into the more productive task of preparing for your actual participation at the fair. We achieve outstanding efficiency through our proprietary in-house travel technology, our partnerships with <over 45000> properties throughout Europe and our focus on creating a consolidated reservation process through a single point of contact. Our clients span the full range from individual business travellers to large corporate delegations. We are committed to creating a personalised booking experience for each customer, with an in-depth understanding of your specific accommodation requirements and the motivation to fulfil them. Our team of experienced travel agents is here for you at every step of the way!

Entrusting your hotel booking to ExpoBeds comes with several specific and unmatched benefits.

Unified and customisable booking process

We use our technological expertise and broad experience with business travel organisation to create an extremely efficient, consolidated booking process with great care for our clients. Once we receive a request from you, it is immediately appointed to a travel agent, who becomes your single point of contact for your reservation. Your agent researches the best options for your stay according to your budget, group size and preferred conditions. We then send you a tailor-made interactive offer that is unique to your company and offers a highly customisable booking experience.

Exclusive offers and prices

Hotel properties in the main trade fair destinations are uncompromising when it comes to prices and conditions. Because this is our speciality, the accommodation offers you will receive from ExpoBeds are guaranteed to be at the most competitive rates. We have extensive knowledge of market trends and the means to monitor hotel prices for the most in-demand locations. Our proprietary Nightline software tracks all main hotel reservation suppliers and the accommodation rates they offer during some of the leading trade fairs in the world. This allows us to pinpoint the perfect booking time when prices are at their lowest and advise you on it. We also work with leading industry suppliers and can negotiate discounted rates with them and the hotels we have contracted. Booking with us guarantees you a lower price and access to properties that are not available via other channels.


We also know that our customers’ plans change a lot and booking flexibility is increasingly important. We always strive to provide you with the most flexible conditions, but we also understand the hotel’s point of view. This, combined with the volume of enquiries and reservations we process for each event, gives us the opportunity to apply control mechanisms which enable us to distribute our room allotments in a way that ensures our customers get the flexibility they need, while hotels maximize occupancy during the busy trade fairs.

Overall, the synergy between our travel agents’ expertise and the efficiency of our automated reservation system allow us to pinpoint the perfect moment for your booking during some of the biggest trade fairs, while also significantly reducing the time and effort invested on your part. This increases your chances of reserving a better hotel at an optimal rate in a very dynamic market. Because each booking experience with ExpoBeds is highly personalised, you receive many additional benefits depending on the type and size of your reservation.

All of our clients have access to exclusive accommodation offers, however individual travellers, SMEs and big corporate entities each gain diverse benefits, tailored to their characteristic needs.

Individual customers and small-to medium-sized groups

Our individual customers and small-to medium-sized groups benefit from access to room allotments and rates, which are usually reserved for corporate entities. Due to our contracts with large-scale booking suppliers, leading hotel chains and individual properties, we can offer you the prices and conditions that come with large reservations and would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Individuals and small groups can make a cost-efficient booking through a completely automated process. Reservations of up to five rooms can be made directly on our website using our Online Booking Service which provides a highly customisable navigation and flexible offers. Unlike other booking services, this proprietary tool also includes offers from industry suppliers and grants our clients access to discounted prices that are not accessible through other platforms. The option to contact one of our travel agents for assistance is also available at any point during your reservation process.

Small and medium-sized groups receive the full range of benefits of our hybrid booking service. Each client is assigned an experienced travel consultant who is available to answer all inquiries through multiple communication channels. We conduct a thorough research of accommodation options, according to your exact preferences and budget, and promptly respond with a personalised travel offer. This grants you access to our online booking tool - a dedicated private page displaying all suitable options for your stay. You can explore offers and discuss them with your consultant online. You can also use our online tools to review and customise individual room bookings, set reminders and confirm your reservations.

Corporate clients

Our corporate clients who book a significant number of rooms have access to the highest amount of customisation and flexibility for their accommodation. Large reservations for fair trade visits are made very early on and are extremely prone to change, especially last minute. For this reason, we have tailored our booking software to be adaptable to the specific needs of our big clients. Every room, part of the group booking can be personalised by check in/check out dates, booking conditions and invoicing/payment options. This is a unique software capability in the travel industry. You also have access to expense tracking tools, along with high flexibility for your reservation up until the very last moment before the fair.

In addition, ExpoBeds offers our corporate clients an exclusive on-site support service for selected events. We know very well that accommodation management is just one out of the numerous challenges in organising business travel for large delegations. By being present on-site with you, our travel specialists can ensure the flawless organisation of your trip, allowing you complete focus on your fair participation.

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