About Us

ExpoBeds (part of Expo Travel Group) is the end product of a unique synergy between business travel professionals and software technology specialists. Our mission is to give businesses the tools to quickly and efficiently choose, book and manage their expo and business trips in a customised web environment. Our focus on the ever-increasing automation of our internal processes allows us to provide clients with a service that is unmatched in its efficiency. We offer our customers and partners just the right amount of personalisation for their reservations alongside an endless supply of dedication from our travel agents.

Our business philosophy rests on the value of constantly improving our technological base and increasing efficiency through automation. ExpoBeds’ service is unique in the B2B travel sector because we provide our clients and partners with an exceptional and highly customised software solution for planning, selecting and booking trade fair travel. This range of interconnected programs also allows our customers to make changes, keep track of the progress of all requests they have, and interact easily with their personal ExpoBeds Travel Consultant. We believe in continued process optimisation, which allows our team to dedicate as much time as possible to our customers and their needs. Corporate clients using our booking service can also benefit from exclusive on-site support for selected industry events.

Our ever-growing customer portfolio is comprised of a mix of SMEs and corporate entities with a great difference in requirements. We make individual recommendations in response to each enquiry based on current market rates, our destination knowledge, customer preferences and budget. We do not apply any additional fees, as we receive our commissions from the hotels and partners we work with. Our highest priority is to provide a travel solution that is flexible, well-priced and reflects the individual requirements of each business.

We satisfy the requirements of our clients through our direct contracts and strong relationships with all major hotel brands and hundreds of small, family-owned hotels in all European trade fair destinations. We also have local partners and access to wholesaler rates for the biggest non-European business and event travel cities. Based on the volume of bookings we process for each event, we are able to negotiate even bigger discounts on behalf of our loyal customers.

Our core value is also reflected in our company structure. Unlike many other B2B travel agencies, we have a dedicated in-house Software Engineering Team that works tirelessly to establish and enhance our booking and communications systems. Through the constant optimisation of our internal operations and client interface, our developers reduce the time spent on menial tasks by both clients and travel agents, allowing our team to dedicate their efforts to ensuring that you receive the best possible service.

Our travel agent team is divided between the Sales and Contracting departments. Each client is assigned a Personal Travel Consultant, who becomes your single point of contact for the full booking process and management of your reservation. Our travel consultants work closely with the Contracting Team in order to create the most comprehensive travel offer for each request and ensure that each booking process is seamless and secure. This internal cooperation process may sound complicated, but it allows us to process each request much faster and be prompt in our communication with you. The time we save is invested in discussions with clients and partners in order to ensure that each reservation is made under the best possible conditions.

Additionally, we have a dedicated Marketing and Research Team, whose members gather the latest information about all major trade fairs and the companies who participate in them. They ensure that the ExpoBeds webpage displays the latest information regarding upcoming trade show editions and their appointments. They also work to directly supply our clients with information regarding the specific expos that they are interested in.

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