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The information below states the terms and conditions under which you may access, browse and govern your use of our website. It also states the general terms and conditions under which you use our services. If you wish to use this site, request or book travel services, please read these terms carefully as well as the Privacy Policy located here.

1. Reservation of accommodation travel services

1.1. Enquiries, travel service reservations

Travel service requests or bookings must be sent to Expo Travel Group Ltd. by email at info@expobeds.com or through any of the forms on this website. Expo Travel Group Ltd. will reply to travel booking requests on working days (Mon-Fri).

1.2. Cancellations, changes, no-shows, relocations

Reservations made during exhibition or other event or congress periods will normally incur full cancellation and no-show charges. Even so, a detailed and reservation-specific cancellation, change and no-show policy will be provided for each reservation to you in writing via email.

The reservation-specific terms of cancellation, changes, minimum night stay requirements are part of the offer each customer receives in response to a received enquiry. Non-refundable reservations cannot be reimbursed i.e. if you are unable to travel due to any circumstances, you will not receive a refund.

Before you confirm your booking you will be given a reservation-specific deadline for payment, cancellations, changes, minimum night stay and rooming list requirements to which you must agree before we move to the next step and issue a deposit invoice. This information will be sent to you in writing via email. If, in response to this information, you provide your company's billing details for the invoice, this means that you agree and accept these booking conditions.

Cancellation deadline - unless otherwise specified the cancellation deadline is the end of business (17:00h Central European Time) on the date mentioned in the booking conditions you receive for each confirmed travel reservation.

A minimum night stay requirement (if applicable) is part of the hotel booking conditions and will be mentioned in the reservation-specific terms. The customer is required to pay and is not entitled to a refund for any unused nights which are covered by the minimum night stay requirement. Changes / amendments - unless otherwise specified, the customer may change the number of booked rooms, the type of booked rooms and the arrival / departure dates of the booked rooms in accordance with the reservation-specific booking conditions to which the customer has agreed before paying the reservation. Any request for changes must be communicated only to Expo Travel Group and not to the hotel directly. Any requests for changes after the final amendments deadline has passed cannot be guaranteed and confirmed and are subject to full cancellation charges. Expo Travel Group Ltd. , to the best of its ability, will aim to help the customer and provide assistance in processing any requests for changes to an already confirmed booking even after the deadline for these changes has passed. We cannot guarantee that the hotel/supplier will accept and process these changes and we take no responsibility for any losses or claims that the customer may have as a result of a request for change received after the amendment deadline not being honoured by the hotel/supplier.

Relocation - in the unlikely event of a confirmed hotel booking becoming unavailable due to one or more reasons such as: technical mistake in the transmitting of the hotel reservation to the supplier/hotel, a mistake in the hotel reservation system which can cause an overbooking (more rooms sold by a hotel for a particular period of stay than the hotel room capacity), parts of a hotel or an entire hotel closing for renovation, etc. Expo Travel Group Ltd. will endeavour to either provide alternative accommodation of a similar standard and location or of a similar standard with a different location, or provide full refund of the total booking price which the customer has prepaid. In cases where Expo Travel Group Ltd. has prior notice from a supplier or a hotelier regarding a relocation situation, we will immediately contact the customer to inform them. Expo Travel Group Ltd. accepts no liability for any losses or costs that might occur as a result of a confirmed reservation becoming unavailable due to a mistake made by the supplier/hotel.

1.3. Payment

Expo Travel Group Ltd. offers two methods of payment: credit card or bank transfer. The total amount of a confirmed booking has to be prepaid to Expo Travel Group Ltd. prior to the actual travel date.

  • In the case of a customer making a payment by credit card we may charge a service fee of 2% of the total booking price. We will inform you in advance in any such occasions before preparing the invoice and will ask for your approval.
  • In the case of a customer making a payment by bank transfer Expo Travel Group Ltd needs to receive the exact amount mentioned on the invoice as payable. Any bank charges and bank fees need to be covered by the sending party, so that Expo Travel Group Ltd. receives the correct amount indicated as payable on the invoice.
  • Expo Travel Group Ltd.'s customers may be required to present a valid credit/debit card to the hotel staff on arrival to secure any potential or actual additional charges and extra services incurred during the guests' stay (i.e. meal charges, parking costs, phone bills, room service, minibar, etc.). If Expo Travel Group Ltd.'s is charged or invoiced by the hotel, or supplier in relation with any costs incurred by a customer, which are not part of this customer's confirmed and prepaid booking with us, we reserve the right to invoice the customer for these costs.

1.4. Invoices

Expo Travel Group Ltd. issues its invoices in Euros. All invoices are due and payable immediately upon receipt from the customer unless otherwise specified on the invoice. Any unpaid invoice within the due date mentioned on the invoice may result in cancellation of a travel reservation.

1.5 Taxes

The accommodation prices we quote are inclusive of local taxes, unless otherwise specified in the offer you will receive by us via email. Some cities impose an additional local/tourist/city/cultural tax, which in some occasions is, or is not payable by business travellers. We will inform you in any case if such additional tax is payable or not and will provide you with the necessary documentation for tax exemption, if applicable.

1.6. Confirmation of bookings

The customer will receive a booking confirmation and a voucher for a prepaid travel service by email once a deposit/full payment is received by Expo Travel Group Ltd.. The customer must print and present the voucher at the hotel reception upon arrival. In case of an event where the hotel staff cannot find the reservation described on the voucher there is an Expo Travel Group Ltd. emergency telephone line that can be dialed for immediate check-in assistance.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the information pertaining to the period of stay, type of rooms booked and passport names of the guests indicated on the voucher is correct. The service booked will only be provided in accordance with the details in the confirmation/voucher. Any requests for change/s to an already confirmed booking should be submitted in writing by the customer via email to info@expobeds.com. Guest name changes made after the end of the free cancellation period may incur an additional fee per change, depending on the policy of the booked hotel. Expo Travel Group will not take any responsibility for any problems originating from the customer making any changes to an already confirmed booking directly with the hotel instead of sending them to Expo Travel Group, as instructed above.

1.7. Refunds

Service refund policy will be provided with each reservation. Any customer claims for refunds will be reviewed within 3 working days from their receipt. Approval of a refund claim will be subject to the reservation-specific terms provided to the customer. Any approved refund claims will be processed to the customer within 10 working days after the check-out date of the travel service to which the refund claim applies. Any refunds that are processed to the client via wire transfer or credit card will incur a 35.00 EUR administrative processing fee. If you are not able to use part/s of your booking (room-night/s, entire rooms, etc.) because of an early check-out, no matter the reason, you have no right to claim a refund. However, we will try our best to contact our service providers, or the hotel directly to request a refund with absolutely no guarantees given that a refund will be approved and processed.

1.8. Standard of accommodation

Accommodation star ratings (where applicable) may vary from country to country and should not be relied upon alone to indicate the quality of the accommodation. The types of rooms, provided by a hotel (such as single, double), may also vary from country to country. It is the customer's responsibility to independently check that the type of the accommodation and services provided by each hotel meet their requirements.

1.9. Information accuracy

Expo Travel Group Ltd. receives all hotel details, information about hotel facilities, room descriptions, etc. by the hotels, or our accommodation suppliers. We provide this information to the customer in good faith. We take reasonable care to ensure that the content of this website and our web booking tools, including all hotel information, is accurate and up-to-date. Expo Travel Group Ltd. cannot be responsible for inaccuracies, errors, omissions or misleading information contained in the hotel listings or information.

1.10. Complaints

Any complaint regarding the hotel stay, standard, conditions of the rooms, etc. must be communicated to a hotel representative on the spot during the stay. The hotel management must be given adequate opportunity to rectify the situation. If the hotel fails to solve the situation, please contact us via email to info@expobeds.com describing your complaint in writing. We will endeavour to receive an explanation from the hotel on your behalf, however, we do not take responsibility for the standard and conditions of the hotel accommodation, nor do we take any responsibility for the behavior of any hotel staff or hotel representative during your stay.

1.11 Force Majeure

Expo Travel Group Ltd. shall not be held liable and will make no refund in the event of any delays, re-routing and/or additional expenses incurred by the customer which were directly, or indirectly caused by acts of Government, public strikes, airline traffic disruptions, severe weather, or any other force majeure causes beyond our direct control. In situations where an obstruction of travel is caused, or is a direct consequence of health-related issues, including, but not limited to health pandemics all existing reservations are still subject to both the general and the reservation-specific conditions provided to the customer at the time of booking.

2. Reservation of conference facilities

Expo Travel Group Ltd. will provide the customer with the full information for the conference facility booked, including information for the meeting room size, format, the equipment provided, food and beverage information, any meeting-specific schedules. Expo Travel Group Ltd. may require the customer to appoint a contact person who will be coordinating the meeting with the hotel staff onsite.

Any conference room bookings are non-refundable and must be paid in full ahead of the actual event.

The customer agrees to adhere to the specific start and end times of the booked event. Should the customer use the meeting facilities and/or equipment for a longer period of time than prepaid for, we reserve the right to invoice them for any additional charges that the supplier of the conference facilities/equipment invoices to us.

The hotels and the events that take place in these hotels are subject to country-specific regulations and guidelines which the customer must adhere to. These may include food, health, hygiene regulations, fire and safety regulations, entertainment regulations, alcohol licensing, etc. The customer must comply with any requests, directions and instructions of the hotel staff prior and during the event booked via Expo Travel Group Ltd.

3. Air transport Services

Flight booking services are only offered separately and not as part of a package. These services are subject to rules and restrictions concerning the air fares, fare rules, cancellation and change penalties, etc. These reservation-specific conditions are always communicated to the customer in writing via email prior to making a flight reservation.

Any flight reservations are non-refundable and must be paid in full ahead of the travel date.

Expo Travel Group Ltd. receives all payments from the customer on behalf of the Supplier and in that way we act as an agent of the Supplier of the relevant air transport services.

The customer is responsible for complying with the instructions of the airline. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they meet any foreign entry requirements and that their travel documents are in order (including visas, passport expiry date, etc.) Expo Travel Group Ltd. has no special knowledge regarding foreign entry requirements or travel documents. We urge customers to review travel warnings, announcements, and advisories issued by the relevant governments prior to booking travel to international destinations.

Expo Travel Group Ltd. charges a service processing fee of EUR 20 for each flight reservation. This fee is invoiced to the customer separately from the invoice which shows the flight cost.

Air miles and vouchers from loyalty programs may not be redeemed when booking flights via Expo Travel Group Ltd.

4. Expo Travel Group Ltd.'s Liability

The hotels, suppliers, transportation providers and service providers are independent companies which are not employees of Expo Travel Group Ltd.. Expo Travel Group Ltd. is not liable for their acts, errors, omissions, views, breaches or negligence.

5. Links to third parties

This website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. Expo Travel Group Ltd. does not control such websites and is not responsible for their content, or your use of them.

6. Modification

Expo Travel Group Ltd. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and you agree to accept and be bound by those terms, conditions and notices that are in effect at any time of your use of this website.

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